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Life on Wheels...

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Since my husband and I started our new company, we have had the honor of testing out our products. Somebody's gotta do it... right?! Cruising around our Villages on our E-Scooters has been a total blast (as my youngest would say). We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of "life on wheels"!!

Somehow, we really don't realize how much we miss while driving in a car. Seeing the island from a different view has been extremely pleasant. On our latest "test run", we loaded up the scooters and headed south. Our first stop was the Salvo Day Use Area. This is one of my favorite spots, not only can you cruise the loop, you can also take advantage of one of Hatteras Islands iconic sunsets. Another great thing about the SDUA is that it's fully accessible from the Tri-Village Sidewalk!

Our next stop was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. I honestly can't think of any better way to view the tallest lighthouse in the United States. We rode all the way from the Lighthouse to the Campground. Unfortunately, it was still drying up from a previous storm, so we didn't make our way through the campground, but it's on my "places to ride" list.

As soon as we made our way to Hatteras Village, we thought, "Hey, let's check on the Passenger Ferry"... The first boat had just arrived and the crew was anxiously awaiting their first trip to Ocracoke. Yet another great place to enjoy your E-Scooter Rental. For around $6 (each way), you can ride onto the Ferry and head over to Ocracoke. Just let us know your plans so we can keep track of where our scooters are located. Once you arrive in Ocracoke, the possibilities are endless.

Our island offers so many places to ride your E-Scooter! Just remember to fully charge your scooter before any adventure! Also, you might want to consider packing the provided charger if you plan on a long outing. We hope you enjoy "life on wheels" as much as we have!

Eryn & Tony

Owners Of

Rodanthe Rides


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